Saturday, 26 March 2011

The Ideal Home Show 2011

Yesterday i went to 'The Ideal Home Show' at Earls Court with a few work friends and had a fantastic day. The best part was looking at and trying all the food..... lots of lovely italian ice cream, cheeses with ginger and crushed black pepper and my favourite was a caramalised balsamic vinegar. 
I didnt enjoy the womens section with beauty products and various items of clothing, it reminded me a little of a run down market with lot of bright lighting......but thats just my opinion. 

I managed to pick up a few items on the day, i tried not to get too  carried away and i think i did a really good job.....i only wonder how i would have taken it all home on the underground anyway......

When i saw this GIGANTIC bag i fell in love with it, it's handmade in madagascar.  It is sooo versitile.....laundry bag, storage in the corner of the room, carrying bits to craft fairs, overnight bag....endless usages.
This crystal bowl i picked up from a furntiure stall 'Aflair', i thought it may be handy as a picture prop and storage for maybe jewellery or soap slices or something....not 100% sure what yet
I thought this night light holder was really cute, i have a habbit of collecting them and have far too many.....but they always come in handy and the lady in the shop was really sweet.
Also from this really sweet women i picked up a roll of 6m lace....collecting,  collecting,  collecting..... i honestly dont know what i will do with it, its not enough for a quilt so i will probably use it when packaging my soaps.

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