Saturday, 5 March 2011

Soap Crazy

Making cold process soap is an addiction, i am making approximately 4 batches of soap each week.  
My kitchen has been taken over by soap making equipment and my rooms are smelling of LUSH.
All the scents which i was never a fan of like lavender, i seem to have fallen in love with.  Here are some soaps i made a few weeks ago and are in the process of curing

left to right: vanilla & peppermint soap, green tea & lemongrass soap, french clay & tea tree soap, lavender soap, gardeners soap

these are my new wooden moulds that i am using, they were made by my friend jose.


  1. Ur Soaps Look So Great ;)
    Practically Edible :D
    Btw Ur Face Scrubs Are AWESOME!!!!!!!

  2. Would love to try soap making, but think I will stick to buying other peoples! All of your items look fab, have added your folksy shop to my list of faves x

    Ali (The Little Knitted House at Folksy)