Saturday, 16 April 2011


 At work there is always great emphasis on continuous improvement and 5S, so this week i decided it was about time that i standardised all my soap sizes for selling.
I have what seems like a never ending collection of moulds which i was happy to use for my own soaping fetish, however since i started selling i find it difficult trying to price up all the different sizes of soaps i make!!

A few weeks back i acquired two 10" long moulds.  I made two batches of soap in them with each slice measuring 2.5"x3.25"x1".  I was still unsure on the size so i decided to make a few more batches with the soap slice height of 2.25" instead of 2.5".  I preferred this shorter height as the soap bar looked less chunky and square, and so this is my new bar size 2.25"x3.25"x1....STANDARDISED!!

I  made the following soaps in my standard mould

Country Chamomile Soap
I love the colour of this soap and also the chamomile and heather flowers sprinkled on top.  I added chamomile powder at trace, which i regret since the soap smells really earthy and it basically kills off any of the vanilla and lemon essential oils i added!!!!

Rustic Rose Soap
Pink clay is added and rose petals scattered on top to give a floral feminine appearance.  I added my usual palmarosa and geranium and bergamont essential oils, however i also decided to add vetiver which i added at 20% and the outcome was a really woody floral scent.
'Moorish' Soap
To this soap I added carrot powder and orange peel at trace.  I also decided to add vetiver to this soap, along with the usual orange and Mandarin.  The vetiver really overtakes any citrus smell but i love the orange specks of the peel and carrot powder coming through.


  1. I can just see all these sitting in some lovely wrapping in baskets at a craft fair - think standardising them is a lovely idea.

    I love the rose one and the essential oils you have used sound like a fab blend :)

    Ali (Little Knitted House at Folksy) x

  2. It's a good idea. Mine are always sightly different sizes, but I've started to try to be more precise. Your soaps look very nice and natural.

  3. i'm loving how your country chamomile and rustic rose turned out! super lovely!!

  4. thanks shelbaby, the rustic rose is my favourite also and it smell super!!

  5. uhmmmmm I love .... exquisite texture .... a natural ..