Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Thames Festival : My Best Seller 'Lavender Soap'

One of my Best sellers at the Thames Festival was my new 'Lavender Soap'.  
Before i started making soap, i hated the scent of lavender, for me it was an out of date scent which my gran may have used. Only when i started making soap and researching all the benefits and properties of lavender did i realise that it was a SUPER PLANT and i soon fell in love with it.

Usually i go for 'Lavender, Goats milk & Oats Soap' or 'Lavender & Maychang Soap' but this time i thought i would just like to keep it nice and simple.  
Most of the time i sprinkle botanics on top of the soap bar but recently i am finding that although the soap bar looks nice and pretty, it really is a waste of botanics and for a full exfoliating effect it is better in the bar then on-top of the bar!!!...just a personal preference. 
So this bar has lavender buds scattered throughout for gentle exfoliation which i think looks so much nicer :)

The bar has been crinkle cut using my new cutter which i purchased on Ebay a few months back.

I truly love this soap and the few bars i have left should be available in my Folksy shop today.

I LOVE 'The Blue Lagume'

I have been visiting 'The Blue Lagume' on Stoke Newington Church Street for over 10 years and they serve the best breakfasts around.  I have visited other cafes around the area but non compare to it. Eggs florentine, omelette's, french toast, veggie fry-ups, fruit platters......uuuuummmmmhhhh they all taste Divine.

Portions are lovely and big (none of the little posh portions!!) , there is hardly any grease to be seen and the vegetarian range is larger than most cafes.
Myself and my best friend Fuzzworks are both obsessed with the Bonofee pie and she sometimes has terrible cravings for it.  

Birthday coffees, lunches or breakfast are mostly spent here and so are some of our deep thinking chats. 
We both truly recommend this cafe even if it just for a coffee and some lovely banofee pie :)

Cravadlax - scrambled egg with marinated samon

Fruit platter with waffles, maple syrup and yogurt