Sunday, 20 November 2011


I was going through some of my soap pictures and realised that i had forgot to put up pictures of my 'Rose Soap'.

When i make rose soaps i naturally think of simple and classic designs and recipes. I usually like to keep them just as 'Rose soap' with not too much other scents or colourings added....i honestly don't know why, its just a personal preference ( i also make a rustic rose soap with a lovely woody scent, i have blogged on this soap before)

I wanted to achieve a really vintage look for this soap apart from rustic and natural, so i used a shea butter recipe and added the tiniest amount of pink clay to give a faint pink colour which i love.  I didn't want the soap to be pink or white/cream so this really pale pink colour looks perfect against the pink rose petals. I scattered rose petals on top of the soap purely for the decorative effect and exfoliating properties. 

Overall i achieved what i was aiming to produce, a lovely creamy soap which reminds me of a vintage english rose garden !!

I have 5 'Rose Soaps' remaining in my folksy shop, so if you would like one of these lovely soaps please come and visit my shop

Thursday, 17 November 2011

The 'SM Strand' Stall at Covent Garden

last year i came across a blog who mentioned a really cute soap stall in Covent Garden called 'SM Strand'

Since i was visiting Covent Garden today i thought i would go and find this little stall and check out their handmade soaps, and I'm so glad i did!!! The soaps are fantastic, natural, rustic, homely and they look and smell absolutely amazing.  I asked the assistant kindly if i could take some pictures of the stall and she was happy for me to snap away.

and the best part was the business cards....samples and contact details in one, the first time i have seen this and i loved the idea.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

October 2011 Soaps (part 2)

During October i was busy preparing soaps for christmas fairs and gifts but i didn't get round to taking many photo's. The few photo's i did take i was not happy with and honestly i was a little embarrassed to put them up...(i am still working on my photographic skills !!! )

I made 10 different batches in total all seen in the first picture below, and  i will be wrapping them in lovely christmas wrap which i brought from paperchase this week.  The soaps are on the curing rack and still have a week to go, when they are ready and packed i will try to take a few decent photos.

A creamy shea butter soap scented with ylang ylang and grapefruit.  
When i added the essential oils the mixture started to thicken in the pot, so i had to work really quick and you can see the bumpy look of of the soap. I added a line of cocoa through the centre and topped with chamomile and heather flowers.

I have already blogged on this soap in a previous post so i wont go on about it too much.

One of my favourite soaps with tonnes of creamy shea butter.  I added 1 tbsp of pink clay per lb of fat but the colour was not as strong as i had hoped for!!

I love the smell of this soap, it reminds me of 'Bakewell Tarts'. 
I infused my water with madder root and added it to the lye, the outcome was a lovely pale pink colour, however it seems to be fading in the centre.  the soap is scented with bay leaf, cinnamon, clove and orange essential oils and the soap is topped with poppy seeds for exfoliation.

Smells Divine....almost like real chocolate!!! the kids are waiting eagerly for this little beauty to cure

Another one of my favourite shea butter soaps with green clay.  I have added tea tree oil and a little hint of peppermint essential oil.

A really creamy soap with loads of shea butter added.  The soap is scented with lavender essential oil and topped with lavender flowers. I love the simplicity of this soap !!

I have blogged on this soap in an earlier post

Another food based soap.  
I added coffee to my lye instead of pure water and ground coffee at trace for exfoliation. The soap is scented with cinnamon and vanilla essential oils which is absolutely DELICIOUS....i was hoping for a more cinnamon scent however it is more sweet but non the less YUM!!

A super lovely soap with goats milk and honey added at trace.  The soap is scented with orange and a hint of petuli to act as a scent fixative.