Sunday, 20 November 2011


I was going through some of my soap pictures and realised that i had forgot to put up pictures of my 'Rose Soap'.

When i make rose soaps i naturally think of simple and classic designs and recipes. I usually like to keep them just as 'Rose soap' with not too much other scents or colourings added....i honestly don't know why, its just a personal preference ( i also make a rustic rose soap with a lovely woody scent, i have blogged on this soap before)

I wanted to achieve a really vintage look for this soap apart from rustic and natural, so i used a shea butter recipe and added the tiniest amount of pink clay to give a faint pink colour which i love.  I didn't want the soap to be pink or white/cream so this really pale pink colour looks perfect against the pink rose petals. I scattered rose petals on top of the soap purely for the decorative effect and exfoliating properties. 

Overall i achieved what i was aiming to produce, a lovely creamy soap which reminds me of a vintage english rose garden !!

I have 5 'Rose Soaps' remaining in my folksy shop, so if you would like one of these lovely soaps please come and visit my shop


  1. Hello from a newbie follower. What a gorgeous selection of soaps you have, love them!

  2. It looks great, a little romantic, like a young girl of the 19th century.

  3. Your soap looks realy great! Yours Tascha from Austria!

  4. Thank you for the lovely comments and 'hello' to my new followers :)

  5. They do look lovely and I think you did manage to make them look vintage.

  6. They look lovely, and I bet they smell beautiful.

    Emily x