Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Crinkle Cut Soap

I brought a crinkle cutter on ebay last week and i was SO excited that soon as i walked into the house and saw my parcel i had to rip it apart.  Straight away i used it to cut 2 loaves of  soap which i had been saving specially for this occasion.

I'm loving my crinkle cutter, i think my next few batches will all be crinkle !!!!

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Peppermint Poppy Creme Soap

Peppermint Poppy Creme is just AMAZING!!!! 
peppermint and vanilla essential oils give this soap a yummy sweet scent.  
I love adding poppy as an exfoliator to soaps, it gives such a good scrub even my 5 year old niece told me her favourite soap was the one with the 'black spots' CUTE!!

Moorish Soap 'Memories of Al'andalus'

This soap is based on my adventures in 'Al-andalus', it reminds me of all the rustic rugid orange colours of Granada and Cordoba and the Alhambra view from St Nicholas point.

It was the Arabs (moors) who had brought oranges over to Spain from Arabia therefore i decided to scent this soap with sweet orange and a hint of mandarin, vetiver was added to give a warm woody scent which also reminds me of Arabian musk and actually makes a lovely blend.
Handmade orange peel was made by moi and added for colour, a rustic appearance and also for exfoliation.  I'm sure everyone has an image of Spanish sun kissed skin therefore i added carrot powder which is known to be good for complexion.  

Overall a really moisturisingly moorish soap with lots of lovely fun filled memories!!

Lemoni Soap

I remember reading 'Captain Corelli's Mandaline' when i was at university and falling in love with the name 'Lemoni', so it was no surprise when i made my new lemon soap that is was going to be named 'Lemoni'.

Lemoni is scented with lemon, citronelle, maychang and petuli to give a fresh, citrus summery scent and handmade lemon peel is added to give texture, colour and it is also a great exfoliator.  Lastly Lemoni is topped with calendula petals to finish off the yellow summery theme!!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Lace on Ebay

Lots of lovely lace on Ebay by vintageparis2010 !! 

Riverside Country Park - Kent

Yesterday we decided to have one of our spontaneous drives and headed towards Kent.  We never know where we're going, we just drive and follow signs to anything that looks interesting or worth seeing. Usually we like visiting old towns with character and history and houses with old crooked walls and timber frames.

On our little drive we stopped off at the 'Riverside Country Park' near Gillingham and these are some of the pictures i took along our walk. 

Monday, 9 May 2011

Brick Lane & Shoreditch May 2011

OMG....Brick lane and Shoreditch on Sunday is brilliant !!!
The place is buzzing, lots of different food and drink stalls, Indian, Spanish, Caribbean, cakes, pastries, alfresco eating and drinking out of coconuts and pineapples.
Mayhem from various markets, most of which sell vintage and crafts....i fell in love with a blue trunk in the Truman Brewery Tea Room Market and i think i will go back for it next week (fingers crossed its still there)

I didn't get as much time as i had hoped to look around properly but i brought some lovely loose tea and a hair clip, the tea really smells and taste lovely i recommend it!!

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Lavender & May Chang Soap

I just wanted to share with you my 'Lavender & May Chang Soap'.  It has finished curing and just been packed for fair!!. When i made this soap i was unsure as to whether i should add some blue/purple colouring with alkanet but i decided against it and just sprinkled lavender on top.....i prefer it like this, i'm not that much into complicated designs.

I am on a 'lavender roll' at the moment and have lots of lavender recipes lined up to make!!