Saturday, 28 May 2011

Peppermint Poppy Creme Soap

Peppermint Poppy Creme is just AMAZING!!!! 
peppermint and vanilla essential oils give this soap a yummy sweet scent.  
I love adding poppy as an exfoliator to soaps, it gives such a good scrub even my 5 year old niece told me her favourite soap was the one with the 'black spots' CUTE!!


  1. Very pretty, like the photos. Your niece has good taste!

  2. thanks littleredrobbin,
    kids are good to ask, they give realist opinions :)

    Also today she couldnt understand how i can sell without a shop and wanted me to go through the whole process of paying and posting and a million and one other questions, all of which were very intellectual, makes me smile!!