Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Crinkle Cut Soap

I brought a crinkle cutter on ebay last week and i was SO excited that soon as i walked into the house and saw my parcel i had to rip it apart.  Straight away i used it to cut 2 loaves of  soap which i had been saving specially for this occasion.

I'm loving my crinkle cutter, i think my next few batches will all be crinkle !!!!


  1. I love the way soap looks cut that way, but found it difficult to get a decent cut. I guess I am just challenged that way. Your soap looks lovely.

  2. thank you, i saw a pink clay soap cut this way on flick and fell in love with it. the soap was very simple but it looked stunning with the curves. also it is really difficult finding these crinkle cutters in the UK, no one sells them :(

  3. Let me know if you ever need another-I can pick it up and post it to you. We can get them in the U.S. pretty readily.

    I sometimes order wool roving from the U.K and it gets to the U.S fairly quickly.

  4. They do look really nice! I too have two of these cutters, but recently purchased a TOG soap cutter (Etsy) that cuts a whole log in one fell swoop -that works best for me...I must be challenged in that way as well! LOL

  5. @ tierraverde, thanks for the offer its really kind of you, i'll let you know when i need another one

    Also the big soap cutter looks good, iv just had a look on etsy,i guess i wouldnt have trouble trying to get them all the same size !!