Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Soap Packaged in Lace

I have a million meters of lace which i have been saving especially for packaging soaps, it gives a lovely vintage & feminine look. I love wrapping special occasion soaps with lace especially wedding, christmas and eid soaps.  Here are a few i have wrapped for christmas fairs this year.

Cream 5" wide lace which i sewed into little pockets to give a good firm wrap and square edges

White 2" lace from my mums old lace collection, the size was perfect to wrap around once, just like cigar packaging

Cream 2" lace from my mums old lace collection

Purple 3" lace which was wrapped around the soap twice


  1. They are beautifully wrapped, the lace makes all the difference. Can't beat gorgeous presentation.

  2. I love the touch of adding lace. It looks lovely.

  3. It's really a beautifull wrapped, I like it.

  4. Hi, just a quick note to let you know I have nominated your blog for the versatile blogger award, for full details check out my blog! Suzy x

  5. babe they're gorgeous!! love 'em so laced up shabby chic like that... now why didn't i think of that?? ;)

  6. @Rustic Vintage Country, thanks for the nomination