Thursday, 17 November 2011

The 'SM Strand' Stall at Covent Garden

last year i came across a blog who mentioned a really cute soap stall in Covent Garden called 'SM Strand'

Since i was visiting Covent Garden today i thought i would go and find this little stall and check out their handmade soaps, and I'm so glad i did!!! The soaps are fantastic, natural, rustic, homely and they look and smell absolutely amazing.  I asked the assistant kindly if i could take some pictures of the stall and she was happy for me to snap away.

and the best part was the business cards....samples and contact details in one, the first time i have seen this and i loved the idea.


  1. Wow. It all looks amazing, what a great recommendation. And the business card idea is genius. Wishing my screen was scratch n' sniff!

  2. Gorgeous soaps and so quaint. I bet they smelled divine.

  3. i'm wondering how she managed to keep the rosebuds from oxidizing 'cos my experiments seem to wilt (and some rot) in contact with the soap? could it be malaysia's humidity? that aside her stuff are GORGEOUS! it's a rose garden on a soap!! need to go by her lil stall when i'm in london this summer..

  4. Hi,
    last year I was in London, convent garden and saw your wonderful soap.

    I have a own shop with wonderful things for living, soaps, etc. You can see on
    So do you sell your soap to Germany?

    Nice to hear from you.

    Best wishes


  5. @shelbybaby, the shop assitant had long cylinderical soaps (probably made in a tube) and she cut them to size. She then used sticky soapy water to stick the floweres on.
    She also told me that she sometimes uses melted wax to stick on the petals.

    I tried both methods and i just couldn't get the petals to stick....:(

  6. I wonder if she has a website or Facebook page.

  7. Does anyone know if they sell/ship to the US? I cannot seem to find any online store for them.

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