Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Thames Festival : My Best Seller 'Lavender Soap'

One of my Best sellers at the Thames Festival was my new 'Lavender Soap'.  
Before i started making soap, i hated the scent of lavender, for me it was an out of date scent which my gran may have used. Only when i started making soap and researching all the benefits and properties of lavender did i realise that it was a SUPER PLANT and i soon fell in love with it.

Usually i go for 'Lavender, Goats milk & Oats Soap' or 'Lavender & Maychang Soap' but this time i thought i would just like to keep it nice and simple.  
Most of the time i sprinkle botanics on top of the soap bar but recently i am finding that although the soap bar looks nice and pretty, it really is a waste of botanics and for a full exfoliating effect it is better in the bar then on-top of the bar!!!...just a personal preference. 
So this bar has lavender buds scattered throughout for gentle exfoliation which i think looks so much nicer :)

The bar has been crinkle cut using my new cutter which i purchased on Ebay a few months back.

I truly love this soap and the few bars i have left should be available in my Folksy shop today.


  1. The soap has turned out beautiful. I especially like the rose colour with the dots of lavender buds.