Wednesday, 6 April 2011

'Ambrosia Soap' ....made with foods of the greek gods..!!

Over the weekend I decided to make a batch of soap specifically for friends and family with skin conditions such as 'psorosis' and 'eczema'.  I thought it would be a nice idea to give them these soaps as gifts instead of soaps which they are not comfortable using, and they will definitely know that i made them specially for them ;P

After doing research on ingredients such as oils and essential oils beneficial for these conditions i decided to make a batch with fresh goats milk. Goats milk is really high in vitamins and proteins, highly moisturising for skin and reduces dryness and itching. 

I had never used fresh milk in any of my soaps before only powdered milks, this is because powdered milk is easier to use and there would be no problems with the milk curdling. Recently I was tempted to use the real thing and there are probably more advantages for your skin than using powdered milk...i could be wrong!! but anyway this was my first batch with REAL FRESH goats milk. 

For this batch i used 50% water and 50% goats milk as my liquids, the water i added to the lye and the goats milk i added at trace. I was really worried that my soap would curdle....but hey presto it was perfect, no curdling only a lovely tan coloured mixture.

At trace i added honey, which deepened the tan  colour of my soap mixture and i also added oats as an exfoliant.  Both honey and oats are recommended for these skin conditions and are known for their benefits to skin.
I added vanilla essential oil with a tiny bit of benzoin essential oil to give a really sweet homely scent.

Overall i was really pleased with this soap, i had no problems with curdling, i love the sweet warm scent resembling cake and cookies and the deep tan colour.
I have named it 'Ambrosia Soap' since ambrosia which is milk and honey are the foods of the Greek gods, and these ingredients truly are nourishing, moisturising and sheer heaven for skin!!

Ambrosia soap in the process of curing
closer view of Ambrosia soap

i like to cut sideways when i have decorations on top in order to get  cleaner and smoother  sides


  1. hiya babydoll!! thank you so much for dropping by my wee lil space on the world wide web :) absolutely lurrrrve your soaps! they look so organic and rustic as how handmade soaps should be... oooh i totally know what you mean by soaps slowly consuming your life. will definitely come get a bar or two from you when i ever go over to london ♥ ♥

  2. Hi,

    My sister has made soaps before and she used goats milk as you did and my son used it who has eczema and it was much better. He also used to have oatmeal in his bath inside a pair of tights tied in a knot to infuse into the water to calm down red irritations and 90% of his eczema disappeared overnight doing that. I just used cheap breakfast cereal like oats.