Sunday, 24 June 2012

Cinnamon & Vanilla Soap

On one of those days where i was fantasising about cinnamon pretzels from Brent Cross shopping centre, I decided to make Cinnamon & Vanilla Soap. 
I am addicted to anything sweet with cinnamon.....cinnamon pretzels, cinnamon whirls, cinnamon caramelised this soap was going to have that sweet sugary touch to it.

Cinnamon & Vanilla Soap is made using a cocoa butter recipe,  fine ground cinnamon is added which gives a nice warm brown colour, cinnamon and vanilla essential oils are added to give that warm cinnamon pretzel scent i love so much. I sprinkled raw brown sugar on top....a bit too much i think, some of it caramelised but most of it is still nice and whole.

Cinnamon & vanilla soap is fully cured and is listed in my Folksy shop.


  1. Ooh that looks soooooo beautiful. Love the scent of cinnamon and vanilla!
    Victoria xx

  2. This soap looks amazing!! Almost good enough to eat (; I just found your blog and became a new follower...can't wait to come back for more posts! Hope you have a lovely week!!


  3. Oh this looks wonderful, I'm a cinnamon addict myself. I like the sugar on top too. Now I have to go eat something with cinnamon.

  4. I did a craft fair a few days back and this is the soap that everyone fell in love with

    @From the Homesteading Cottage...welcome to my blog :)