Sunday, 24 June 2012

Spice Soap

During Christmas i made my first batch of soap with bay leaf essential oil and it smelt divine, really spicy, aromatic and festive.

Since it was such a good seller i decided to make a similar soap, i was also trying to go for the 'old spice' scent and try to cater for the male market.

This is a cocoa butter based recipe and the red wine colour is from water infused with madder room. The essential oils added were bay leaf, cinnamon, clove and orange.

Spice soap is fully cured and is listed in my Folksy shop


  1. Oh, that looks nice! I have't tried those oils, but the combo sounds great.

  2. Gosh they look lovely, good enough to eat! In fact when I first saw the photo I thought it was fudge! x

  3. LOL...iv heard so many people say that soap looks like fudge.

    @Amber, the bay leaf scent is really amazing, i prefer it to all the other spice scents