Monday, 1 August 2011

Excitement in the Garden

The garden is full of exciting veg, herbs and flowers, and each day something new and wonderful is appearing.  

Our 1st chillie pepper plant is growing nicely. We have a dozen or so blossoms so I'm happy that we will get a good few chillies for my mums spicy curries.

you can see the chillie pepper growing
lots of chillies blossoming, i think we will have a dozen or so chillie peppers

A few 'not so good' tomatoes were thrown on an empty patch in the garden....and before  we knew it, we were swamped with a gigantic tomato bush.  The tomatoes have just started to grow and i am not sure what type they are, so far there seems to be a few plum and a few cherry, i will just have to wait and see.
Yellow petals before the tomatoes emerge

Also another first for us is pumpkin, we were given the seeds by a kind neighbour. No pumpkin as yet but the leaves are getting bigger..fingers crossed.

Lastly, our fig tree.  A small plant was given to my father by his Cypriot friend over 10 years ago and since it has grown nicely giving delicious figs each year.  For some unknown reason we don't have as many this year, but each day new little figs are appearing.


  1. Wow, how exciting! Growing things is not something I've really attempted - I can barely keep cacti alive! It's so exciting seeing the plants come into flower and the little fruits appearing on them. Fab stuff!

  2. Good to see that in other regions the tomato and chili plants are blooming and growing. And the pumkin plant looks strong and healthy. It's fun to watch vegetables growing. Our tomatoes and chilis were killed, washed down by the continous rain.

  3. Yay, well done. I have just been ou harvesting more pink spuds and strawberries this morning. Lots of herbs growing too, these look amazing!! You must be so proud :o)

  4. These look great, I haven't had time this year, but hope to move next year and grow my own again!! And even if you don't eat the chillies sring them up with gingham ribbon. Kx